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Diamond rings from Hatton Gardens and other top stores

A lady’s best friend

Women are all different from one another. Some like going shopping, others prefer to go for a walk in the park. Some are stay at home moms and others are passionate about their jobs. Some like reading, some like dancing, some like risk sports and some are coffee lovers. They all have those special details that make us love them so much. If you have been lucky enough to find that one woman that makes your days shine brighter, then why not celebrate her by doing things for her and giving her presents that she will enjoy, right?

And they are all different, like different things and enjoy different activities. However, there is one thing that we can say for sure they all will love, and that’s a diamond ring. Not only are diamonds the most beautiful gem in the entire world, and that’s why it’s the least they deserve. They look so good, they’re sparkly and pure, and they’re very valuable. They are a great way to show her that they are special for you. You will make her happy and proud with a diamond ring.

Of course, a ring isn’t the best gift you can give her that has diamonds on it, but it’s definitively one of the most symbolic. Rings represent the union between you two and how your hearts are bound together. She can carry that ring around and remember you every time she looks at it. So make sure you get her the most beautiful ring. You should know her by this point, so pick the one that has her style and her taste in it, and you will make her smile.

Diamond rings at Hatton Gardens

The best jewellers and goldsmiths gather at London, and most of them are proud to own a store at Hatton Gardens. This road is famous in the whole city for gathering top diamond and jewellry stores, and you will defiinitively appreciate that you don’t have to drive around the city visiting different shops so you see variety of options. Hatton Gardens is a great choice for a day of diamond shopping. You can take her with you and ask her to choose something that she likes, and you can bet for sure that she will love to go store by store trying on pieces and looking at all the variety. You can also go by yourself and get her a surprise ring, which she will really appreciate.

There are plenty of stores here and they are all good. So take your time and visit one by one. Whatever your final choice is, you can be sure that you will have in your hands a fantastic piece of jewellry. From engagement and wedding rings to a wide variety of necklaces, bracelets, earrings and many other pieces. Take your time and admire the creations of experts goldsmiths, until you find the perfect one.

Budget friendly, great diamond stores

At Hatton Gardens, you will have such a huge variety of diamond and jewellry shops that you might get a bit lost, even overwhelming by the number of options, price ranges and models that you will be offered. For that reason, whe have picked two stores to reccommend to you. These have a nice variety of items as well as many sales and special offers that will suit your pocket in case you have a limited budget, or at least looking up for a fantastic piece that is quite a bit out of your range.

We like Goldsmiths for their variety in products. They have a complete range of diamond pieces and other jewellry, both for men and women. Also, they constantly offer discounts of up to 50% in selected pieces, so if you are lucky you will find the ring of her dreams on your reach, and even some other pieces to make a set for her. Goldsmith also offers luxury watches for men and women, so if you want to give her an original and classy gift, you can consider that too. 

Another great choice is Ernest Jones, which also offers a huge range of diamond products and luxury jewellry for both men and women, including beautiful engagement rings, bridal bands and other diamond rings. We suggest that you check their Valentine Day’s special sales and offers, now that February is approaching. What a way to surprise her with a beautiful diamond ring! You can find many pieces from top designers and craftsmen at Ernest Jones, so don’t hesitate to drop by and take a look!

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